Santerra Green Z Series


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Santerra Green Z Series Systems gravity flush with 0.5L of water/flush.

Available in three power options: AC Electric, 12VDC and Non-Electric.  AC Electric is recommended when possible as it offers the highest capacity and performance.

Product Features

• Ideal for cottage, cabin, home or commercial application
• Reduces and recycles waste into compost
• Clean, sanitary and odor-free
• Dual Fans for better aeration
• Two position Switch (AC and DC models)
• 4" Wind Turbine included standard with System
• Ceramic bowl
• Installs quickly and easily

• Empty as little as once a year (vacation use)
• Lifetime Warranty on body
• 5-Year Warranty on all internal components
• Easy to remove Works-in-a-Drawer™ Service Module


Santerra Green Composting Toilets deliver advanced economical and eco-friendly sanitation solution for just about any application. Waterless and low water options available.

Read the Santerra Green Catalog.